Weddings on Bali

Weddings on Bali

Your Wedding Day… a day when two souls and hearts come into a divine union, is one of the most important celebrations in the life of human beings. It is celebrated in every country in this world, be that a traditional tribal wedding or a classical Western wedding, or a Church wedding.

Every couple wants to have a beautiful, divine, exciting and wonderful time on their wedding day, preferably without much stress at the preparation stage and especially on the actual day. The island of Bali, which is often called the Island of Gods, with its incredibly beautiful nature, unique cultural traditions that have been carefully preserved for centuries, is the perfect place for Your Wedding Day.

The wedding vows spoken here yield the blessing of the ancient Gods who are believed to protect the couples wedded in this blissful island, granting them the happy and fruitful life together.

Your Perfect Wedding is a wedding that creates a certain mood which corresponds exactly to your idea of ​​the perfect celebration of this important event. Do you see Your Perfect Wedding in a designer villa or in a chapel, at a favorite beach or at a scenic cliff above the ocean; do you come down a path of rose petals and flowers that ends in an arch interspersed with bright exotic plants from this tropical island? … Or maybe you sail on a Pirate schooner, kidnapping your bride and getting engaged to her in the ocean, exchanging your vows under the eternal whisper of the waves? Tell us what your dream of Your Perfect Wedding is, and we will help you to materialize your ideas to make your dream come true!

If you wish to get wedded in Balinese traditional way you will be blessed by a high priest of the Brahmin caste who will send the ancient words of prayer for health and a happy future together to the Spirits and the Gods. The couple, dressed in colorful Balinese wedding costumes, is gently guided through this ancient ritual.

It is also possible to have a European wedding ceremony with a Catholic priest.

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