Ubud – the cultural center

Ubud – a charming forest full of magic that emits coolness and freshness, peace and tranquillity. Its picturesque rice terraces and talkative creeks in a beautiful canyon framed by green lace rainforest filled with sonorous voices of unseen birds, its ancient palaces and mysterious temples, its designer boutiques and silver workshops… Perhaps you will find your new hobby here, or – who knows ? – an interesting new profession or a fiery passion whilst learning to embody your inner beauty in silver.

This amazing town is considered to be the aristocratic centre and a cultural capital of the island. There are many art galleries and museums, including the unusual Museum of Antonio Blanco. The contemporary art exhibitions that take place in the island are held in Ubud. And many local and visiting audience come here to watch the noisy and colourful festivals of Indian and Balinese dances which captivate with the magic plasticity of the human bodies that transmit the timeless themes of the dances, and at moments it seems that the texture of the dance happens without the conscious participation of the performers who appear to merely obey the rhythms of the blood – the natural trance.

And also Ubud is a godsend for the gourmets! A great number of the cooking wizards live in this city and prepare their masterpieces to the delight of the residents and tourists using organic produce from the nearby farms, gradually and subtly promoting healthy eating habits that both benefit the immune system and pamper the most exacting tastes. The Balinese duck pate with herbs or the mouth-watering mango cakes, unique local recipes of vegetable dishes or the whole roasted suckling pig – the choice is all yours! For those who fell in love with the local cuisine there are culinary schools where the masters share their secrets with everyone wishing to learn from them.

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