Paramotor flights over Bali

Paramotor flights over BaliParamotor flights over BaliTreat yourself to an incredible breathtaking sense of freedom that only flying can give!!!

Experience the flow of warm wind, the beauty of the flat squares of lush green paddy fields, bright flashes of local houses, centuries-old temples surrounded by Banyan trees, majestic mountains, led by the magical place of power – the volcano Agung and the piercing blue ocean riddled with waves …. Each minute spent in the air will give you hours of unforgettable memories and a collection of stunning photographs of Bali from a bird’s eye view!

We offer you a new kind of outdoor activity – a flight over the island of Bali on a paramotor!
What is a paramotor?
Paramotor is the world’s smallest single aircraft that falls into the class of ultralight aviation. It consists of an open titanium cabin fitted with engine and wings. The paramotor can fly even in an unlikely event of engine malfunction – this is why it has been considered to be the safest aircraft.
Cruising speed of the paramotor is 50km per hour, which allows to take in every detail of the beautiful scenery below.
The paramotor can fly a distance of up to 100km, at the maximum height of 800m. The maximal duration of the flight is 1.5 hours.
In order to insure the maximal safety of the flight a team of professional and highly experienced pilots from a Russian paramotor club ‘Paralet’ is at your service.

If you select a rout flight or an exclusive flight for minimum of two guests you get a free bonus tour that covers three special locations: an ethnic villages Tanganan, a Karangasem water palaces and one of Bali’s best beaches – the White Sand Beach, which is located next to the airfield and offers free snorkeling, free diving and much more.

rate of paramotor flight


  • Saba Beach in Sanur area from a bird’s eye view!
  • White Sand Beach


  • swimming suite and towel
  • sun block
  • your camera
  • money


  • Package 1. standart flight (15 min) –  150$
  • Package 2. Route flight where you can choose a route (30 min) – 220$
  • Package 3. Exclusive flight where you can land in different places (1 hour) – 400$


  • two way transfer from your villa/hotel (minimum 2 pax)
  • insurance
  • For packages 2 and 3 + tour programm


Желание спланировать и забронировать любой из маршрутов  заранее — приветствуется! Оплата производится при бронировании, в USD или в индонезийских рупиях по внутреннему курсу компании.

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