Trips and tours on Bali with TRIPLANET

Trips and tours on Bali with TRIPLANET

A holiday in Bali it is an adventure with a touch of the ancient magic that vibrates at the frequencies of this magnificent and sacred island.

However, the very magical Bali can easily bypass you in the touristic areas where it is rare to meet the real Balinese people going about their daily lives and to see their wonderful sincere smiles, to learn to get pleasure from each moment as they do, and to see all the wealth and the unique beauty of the island.

There are beautiful beaches of white and black lava sand, sacred places of power and unique Balinese temples with multistoried towers gazing into the sky, the tomb of the Great Kings and beautiful natural parks, hidden in the heart of the island’s traditional villages with the indigenous inhabitants – the tribe Aga Bali, whose way of life has not changed over the last millennium …. We are confident that even if you are in Bali for the fifth time, the island of Gods has many surprises in store for you! Of course, planning your tour means you have to make many choices. We are here to ensure you get the best custom-made tour.

We believe that every person is unique and, therefore our approach of selecting the best options for you is highly individual. We do not offer standard travel tours in a company of strangers with shared meals and shared experiences. Let your holiday will be yours and yours alone: stopping only where it is of interest to you and staying for long as you want. We provide comfortable vehicles, professional drivers, and the knowledgeable guides that speak your language.

The routes are made based on your personal preferences with the help of one of our managers or guides. On our website you can find examples of some popular destinations and tour routes. You will be pleasantly surprised at our rates too – check, for example, our competitive vehicle rental rates for a standard 10-hour day!!!

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