Renting a villa on Bali is not a luxury, but rather an opportunity to have your dream holidays, enjoying the absolute comfort and coziness of a private estate on the Island of Gods. You can easily find the most suitable option from our extensive collection of bungalows, apartments and private villas!

With growing travel culture and tourist services quality, unique-style holidays that are perfectly fit with particular tourist preferences now become more and more popular and available. Vacation at a private villa is not only the highest level of comfort and privacy, but also lower costs compared to staying in hotels of the same quality.In most cases rentable villas have a private pool and a garden, as well as a staff taking care of all that beauty. Villa rental on the tropical island of Bali is quite a while being popular amongst Australian and European tourists, and not without a cause, since it allows you to enjoy to the full every moment being spend on this magically enchanting land.

We carefully select the best villas for rent from all the proposals of the island of Bali, to be able to help you find that very villa, which is ideal for your relaxation. Our company has a long and well-deserved reputation as a reliable partner and that is why we offer you a good price for the villas rental in Bali, than you can easily verify. We work officially, directly with the property owners, and on the one hand, we are your agent recruitment placement of the richest villas collection in Bali, and on the other – the Russian-speaking representative of the villas owners. That is why planning your vacation on the island of the Gods with us is so profitable – we are pursuing an independent assessment of the villas and provide you with accurate information, and payment for our services comes from the owners profits.

We are constantly in Bali and are sure to meet all of our guests at the villa or at the airport and provide all the necessary assistance for the organisation of a great vacation. Our staff can help plan trips and excursions, book a table at a restaurant or a massage at the spa salon, and provides support during your stay in. For all our guests we give an active SIM card with a local phone number so you can contact us for any questions and do not worry about the lack of information or knowledge of the language could darken your holiday .

Please fill out the a reservation request , indicating your preference for the villa rental and we will soon offer you several options.

Welcome to the God’s Island!

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