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Villa Ubud Paradise in the area Ubud
6 1,700,000$
Villa Karma Indah in the area Dreamland
4 800,000$
Villa Shine in the area Kerobokan
4 950,000$
Villa Amed Beach House in the area Amed
2 Sold
Villa Zen in the area Canggu
3 210,000$
Villa Black Diamond in the area Nusa Dua
3 Sold
Villa Silangjana in the area Jimbaran
2 400,000$
Villa Joglo Jamour in the area Canggu
3 540,000$
 Land Bruno’s in the area Lombok

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Your home on the island of the Gods

To have your own house on a tropical island, on the edge of the eternal summer, next to the caressing sea and the unique culture is certainly a dream of many, and this dream can easily come true for You! Bali has a huge selection of cozy houses and magnificent villas, so it will not be difficult to find an option that suits Your preferences – in terms of a preferred district, number of bedrooms, the size of the property, the desired budget and many others. The real estate market in Bali is quite active. New villas for long term lease or sale are constantly being built. You can even become an owner of a unique designer villa built in the Art Nouveau style or a traditional wooden house from antique teak or ironwood that come from various islands of the archipelago albeit re-designed to include all the modern comforts. We closely monitor all the offers on the property market in Bali and are always ready to find your dream home for you!  If you are interested in designing your dream home yourself, we will find a suitable piece of land and attract the best architects, designers and construction professionals and will undertake the supervision of all stages of works to translate your dreams into reality.

Investment prospects

Your own property in Bali is not only a safe investment since the average increase in price for the resort-type property on the island is as high as 1-20% a year, but also a possible source of income straight away. If you use your property in Bali only a few months a year it can generate some income through rentals when you are away. The rental profits at minimum should cover staff salaries, utility bills and small repairs if needed. Depending on the area, the type of property and the efforts of the management company, villa rentals can bring some tangible dividends. Typically, you will get a full return on the investment in real estate in Bali within 10-15 years, but some villas get a full return as quickly as in 5-7 years.

Why Bali

Bali has been titled world’s “best returnable resort”. This means that having once visited Bali you are bound to come back to spend yet another holiday vacation on the island. The island’s tropical equatorial climate, the absence of heavy rainfall even during the period of rainy season in Indonesia, friendly locals and the unique beauty and charm of the island delight millions of tourists all year round. The island was developed as a resort some 30 years ago, when hotels started appear amongst traditional fishing villages followed by private villas and resorts. Private villas rental has become increasingly popular amongst the holiday makers in the last 5 years. Villa rental has several advantages over hotel stays such as privacy, space, and, importantly, flexibility: being unconfined to the major touristic areas where the major hotel complexes are situated, with the mass development and constant traffic where it is impossible to see the charm of Bali. Much sought after villa developments are, in fact, located in the eastern and northern coasts of the island, as well as in the central area of Bali where beautiful villas are hidden amongst the tropical jungle or a picturesque canyons with mountain streams, surrounded by beautiful rice fields and overlooking volcano ridges.  Property in developing areas of the island is also much cheaper than the similar property in the touristic center of Bali in the south, whilst the investment potential of the villas in the developing regions, particularly in the long term, is no less than that in popular Seminyak or Canggu areas. We are always happy to show you the best options and answer all your questions about the investment potential of the real estate of your choice. As part of our services we conduct a technical assessment of the property, check the accompanying documentation and provide certified translation in your native language, choose a notary, and monitor the entire process of lease or purchase of the real estate. Following your purchase we will also be happy to manage your property for you when you are away from Bali.


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