Amed – area of Bali island

Amed – area of Bali island

Amed is a small village on the eastern coast of the island. It is best known for its incredibly beautiful coves set among the picturesque hills and the spectacular underwater gardens. The underwater world is full of colourful water creatures, curious and friendly enough to allow the visitors to come so close, that at times it is almost possible to touch the cheerful clown fish or the sluggish bright parrot fish, or the blue starfish, to see the hidden houses of the shy moray fish or to play with the funny sea cucumbers. It is amazing to watch how all the inhabitants of the underwater gardens live in perfect harmony between the splendid yellow, violet and pink coral reefs. For those that enjoy scuba diving, as well as for all those who have decided to discover the deep sea for the very first time, there is a rare opportunity to feel like an explorer studying the ships sunken during the Second World War.

Black sand beaches that lie under the shadow of the majestic sacred volcano, the friendly locals, the simple fishermen and farmers, and the serene calm sea  -  Amed is a perfect holiday spot for families with children – even a three year old can learn to swim here with a mask and join the mysterious life of the ocean. Perhaps because Amed is somewhat removed from the main tourist spots, the local cuisine here still preserves the traditional refined Balinese court recipes. The customs of the Royal Family itself can be observed in the beautiful Tirta Ganga Water Palace which lies just 20 minutes away from the village. There you can take a dip in the former Royal baths and even become an honoured guest of the Royal Family by spending a night or two at the Palace’s guest houses which combine the Royal comforts of the ancient and the modern worlds.

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Underwater world of coral reef – trip in Amed area

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