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There is quite a lot of information on the internet about Indonesia and the island of Bali, which for a long time occupies the topmost place in the international rankings for the “Most Returnable Resorts”. This is not surprising – South East Asia in general and Indonesia in particular are excellent vacation destinations at any time of the year for tourists of all ages and nationalities. And of course Bali, with its unique culture and beautiful ceremonies, is the brightest jewel in the crown of South East Asia. The Europeans and the Australians have discovered this beautiful island about 30 years ago and continue to come here ever since. Many have their own summer homes in the island which they rent to the visitors of Bali – to those who have not yet chosen Bali as their second (or primary) home.

We live in Bali and truly love this beautiful place, the place which has taken such an important role in our lives. And so we would not want to recount to you some dry scientific facts about the GDP, the island’s minerals and the average life expectancy of the population, but instead we would like to share with our Guests the sparkle of magic of the Island of Gods, to show it’s naive beauty and ancient wisdom, to meet the sun waking up on the volcano right next to where the Gods are, and to plunge into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or the deceptive blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean which from different sides wash the shores of this small tropical island. It is truly amazing that such a small piece of land (​​Bali is about 5,800 sq km) accommodates so many wonders and beauties!

In Bali every holidaymaker can find something to their taste. The areas of Nusa Dua and Sanur with their sandy beaches and a well-established infrastructure offer excellent family holidays. Active youth prefers to stay next to the numerous nightclubs in the trendy Seminyak or a noisy and democratic Kuta where the wave is perfect for novice surfers. The remote picturesque beaches and the island’s best surf spots of the Bukit peninsula (the southern part of Bali), such as Bingin, Padang Padang and Dreamland offer a pleasing view of the serene, transparent and foamy blue waters. The walks through the rice fields of Ubud amongst the many shades of green, the colour of life itself, and the wonders of nature’s beauty with thousands of species of plants, birds and butterflies that live on the island give the visitors of Bali a peace of mind and harmony.

The eastern and the northern coasts of the island are the beaches of black volcanic sand beneath the towering hulk of the sacred volcano Gunung Agung which offer the variety of colours and shapes of the rich underwater world. But most interesting about Bali is it’s amazing culture and religion which is a unique form of classical Hinduism with the interweaving animistic beliefs native to the archipelago and the ancestral Balinese traditions. The Balinese believe deeply and truly and they faithfully honour their traditions and rituals rooted in the distant past. Colourful religious ceremonies leave a lasting impression, especially the accompanying magical dances which sink both the dancers and the audience into a real natural trance. The island’s ancient temples and the sacred places are mainly located in the centre of Bali, but some of them, such as Pura Tanah Lot and Pura Uluwatu, stand on the coast protecting it against the penetration of the evil spirits from the ocean.

For the lovers of active holidays there are state-of-art golf courses and tennis courts, quadricycles and rafting in the mossy gorges overgrown with vines and bright-coloured tropical flowers, canyoning, beautiful bike trails and volcano trekking, 4×4 tours of the islands and diving with the graceful rays of manta or the funny and rare malo-malo fish, paragliding and, of course, surfing.

In Bali there is also enough entertainment for the small Visitors of the island: numerous children’s clubs, a wonderful Aquapark and beautiful natural parks, such as Birds and Reptiles Park, Safari Park, Butterfly Park and orchid farms will be of interest to everyone without exception. For active and adventurous kids there is an opportunity to spend their tireless energy at the Tarzan Park located in the most beautiful place in Bali over a lake at the altitude of about 1300m (4265ft) above sea level at the Botanical Garden, whilst the adults can relax and have a picnic under the shade of the ancient rainforest trees. If your child is old enough to spend time independently they will be interested to come for one or more days to a wonderful Green Camp where they can master the most interesting skills and develop their creative skills by learning more about a man’s relationship with nature.

Deservedly Bali is one of the most popular wedding tourism destinations. A beautiful wedding in traditional Balinese costumes or a classical Catholic ceremony, with the official registration of the marriage certificate or just with a memorable wedding certificate, on a scenic cliff above the ocean or on an azure beach, in a snow-white chapel or on a gorgeous private villa, an occasion for just the two of you or for a noisy party of 300 people – the choice is all yours. A long history of wedding organising experience in Bali grant confidence that on your important day everything will go smoothly and beautifully and that you will come back to Bali, the island of Gods to celebrate your Golden Wedding.

And by the way, if you happen to come to a traditional wedding feast in Bali you’d be surprised as at the wedding table you would see only women. And the men? They rest. After all, it is they who prepare all of the dishes enjoyed by their women ☺

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